Business Functions

Production House

Our team provides professional services in Television production, cinematography, lighting and editing using the most up-to-date equipment and technology in the market.

Training Center

The center aids beginners and professionals in developing their competencies and skills through training and active participation, alongside classic learning through theoretical sessions.

Event Planning

From conferences, seminars and workshops, to grand conventions and summits, our team handles all details from idea creation to final execution, under the supervision of the finest experts in the field.

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Event Coverage

Live event coverage video production, we cover any type of happenings and stream them Live.

Media Training

Providing media training services, seminars, workshops and on-demand courses.

TV Production

Supervised by highly qualified directors of photography using the most up-to-date high resolution cameras.

Video Editing

Video production and editing using the latest software and equipment, done by qualified and experienced editors at international standards.

Graphic Design

For advertisement, product packaging, e-mail campaigns, websites, magazines and more.

Media Consultation

Providing consultancy services in training and media development for governmental and private sectors.

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لقد خلق المركز، خلال فترة وجيزة هي مدة الدورات، مني شاب مؤثر في المجتمع السعودي  بشكلٍ إيجابي، وذلك لكفاءة مدربيه العالية ولتنوع برامجه المتاحة التي شاركتُ فيها، فقد كان لها بالغ الأثر في شخصيتي وحرفيتي

نايف الحميدي مراسل تلفزيوني

أدعو كل من يبحث عن التميز المهني في مساره الإعلامي والعلاقات العامة إلى الالتحاق بدورات المركز

ياسر السبعي مدير علاقات عامة

الدورات التي التحقت بها كانت لها نتائج مهمة، وانعكست هذه الفائدة على مهاراتي، وساهمت في بناء شخصيتي لأصبح أكثر ثقة في التعامل مع الأوساط الاجتماعية، وبت قادراً على التعامل مع الآخر بصورة أكثر أريحية

محمد الثقفي مذيع تلفزيوني معاون

مركز ميدياغيت للتدريب الإعلامي منحني الدافع للتقدم خاصة حينما التقيت بنجوم أم بي سي ومذيعيها

سعيد الشهراني مقدم برامج

MediaGate Training Center gave me the impetus to progress especially when I met MBC stars and their Anchors, headed by Ola Al Fares

Musaed Saqaabi News Reporter

The best training center I have ever seen, thank you for what you are doing and what you are giving.

Laila Al Ali Government Employee

We had a tour in this place and I found it really awesome! the trainers are so warm hearted and funny, the equipment is top notch! Simply amazing.

Yusra Baqi Director of Happiness

Thank u all for your hospitality! Great work u guys are doing

Khalifah Obeidly Influencer

Very good and balanced information, caring for the poor and voiceless. Congratulations, looking forward to working with you.

Ahmad Abu Asari FilmMaker

Highly informative and credible source of information after the offered courses proper delivery can give more marks.

Adel Najjar Trainee

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