• Overview:

MediaGate has been established as a media company specialized in “media production and distribution”, “media training center”, and “the office of public relations and event planning”. MediaGate is considered as one of the leaders in media industry keeping its business profile up-to-date by adopting the new media platforms worldwide when it comes to digital communication innovations and social media platforms. In order to maintain its leadership in the market, MediaGate is keen on building strong, strategic partnerships with TV institutions, other media companies and media influencers. Furthermore, MediaGate provides the necessary media consultation services in terms of strategic planning and human resources developments to other corporations and individuals.


  • Media Production and distribution

Our specialized team provides professional services in Television production ,cinematography, lighting and editing using the most up-to-date equipments and technology in the market.


Our Services:

– TV production and cinematography supervised by highly qualified directors of photography using the most up-to- date high resolution cameras.

– Comprehensive Lighting for all occasions under the supervision of lighting designers.

– Editing using the most up-to-date software and under the supervision of experienced editors.

– Graphics: includes 3-D designs, photoshop, color adjustments and re-touch.

– Ads and advertising campaigns.

– Events filming and editing.

– Documentary films production.

– TV programs production.

– Event coverage and production.

– Video clip production: we provide video clip production to singers and artists with reasonable pricing and great     quality.



  • Media Training Center 

MediaGate training centre is committed to spread the light of media training beyond the conventional educational framework and helps media beginners, students and professionals by focusing on practice and hands-on training.

Our center is connected with the central studio and is professionally equipped for TV production using the latest audible and digital technologies – Cameras, lighting, audio and production.

The center has a variety of training courses specialized in TV production, TV presentation, voice over, public speaking, and public relations. The center produces many videos with the students based on what they aim to work on: news, interviews or correspondences.


Our Mission:

Professionally build the skills of media beginners and professionals through theoretical and hands-on training.

Target Audience:

– Media and Journalism current and fresh graduates students

– Employees at TV channels and other media institutions.

– Individuals who are passionate to improve their presentation and voice over skills

– Employees in the public sector who are in charge of the media office for public VIP figures.

Our Services:

– Conducting media trainings and workshops

– Customizing specialized media trainings on demand

– Media consultation services to government and private sectors


  • Our Courses

Our training center is continuously committed to provide the most up-to-date and most various trainings and workshops in media.

Our trainings and workshops include:

– News Anchor training

– TV interviews training

– Voice and Speech

– Body language and TV etiquettes

– How to deal with media frameworks

– Negotiation and convincing skills

– Investigative journalism

– Strategic planning for developing organizations’ exterior image

– Public relations campaign planning

– Public speaking and diplomacy

– Preparation of field television reports and press editing

– Sound engineering and production

– Graphics and Editing

– Private workshops: The centre offers private trainings for media institutions upon request.


  • Event Planning

From conferences, seminars and workshops, to grand conventions and summits, our team handles all details from idea creation to final execution, under the supervision of the finest experts in the field.